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7 Reasons Why Cambridge People Should Go Punting

It’s well-known that punting is the number one activity in Cambridge. However, most of the local people think of the city only as their hometown rather than a historically fascinating gem in East Anglia.

Cambridge people often visit the river Cam on sunny days, but most of them have never thought about going on a punt tour, because that’s such a ‘tourist thing’ to do.

On my days on the river, I often meet excited locals ready for their first punting experience – and they always seem happy and satisfied after their tours.


Live in Cambridge?
Go punting!

We tell you why:

1. Punting is a must-do activity in Cambridge
Oh yes, it is! How can someone live in Cambridge for years without going on a tour at least once?

2. You Learn about Cambridge
Tour guides tell you historical tales about the Famous College Backs spiced up with some funny secrets only they know.

3. The Sights are beautiful
The architecture is wonderful even when walking on the crooked streets of Cambridge, but believe me; it’s got a different feeling when you are on the punts…

4. It Brings People Together
Our boats have a maximum capacity of 12 people. Big family, large group of friends? No problem, have fun!

5. It’s Relaxing
Especially if you’ve got a chauffeur with you. Good news, all of our tours are chauffeured!

6. Punting is Romantic
Of course it is! The best time to surprise your darling is in the evening, when the river is the nicest and quietest.

7. You can have Alcohol on board
That’s something everyone likes to hear! A bottle of bubbly just makes the tour even better!

Wanna try punting for the first time? Book here!

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