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May Week Firework Spectacular

May Week (actually held in June) is an exciting time for Cambridge University students and but there are two occasions when everyone can get involved: The spectacular May Week firework displays of the Trintiy College and Clare College May Ball and the St Johns May Ball.

These riperian colleges compete each year to put on the biggest and best displays. Last year we were treated to coloured water jets and giant flame balls in addition to the incredible firework displays, timed precisiely to the booming soundtrack.

For me these are the best nights of the year to be on the river, as from a chauffeured punt is the perfect vista from which to enjoy the display. There is a great atmosphere on the river which is choka-block with punts, everyone is having a great time, socialising and enjoying a few drinks. Its got to be one of the perks of living in Cambridge, so what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today: may week firework tickets or contact us for further information.

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