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Music On The Cam

Around the nation Cambridge had always been known as the ‘University City’ scattered with grad robes, photo-happy tourists and the river touts ushering you towards the spectacle of the city, The River Cam. However there is one aspect that most visitors generally dont delve into, yes, it’s that toe tapping, head bobbing, jaunty jumping folk music.

Ever since the impact of those Mumford and Son boys taking over the commercial music scene, the nation have been going mad for more banjo’s, more mandolins, more accordians, more more more! During the summer months, Cambridgeshire hosts some of the most famous music festivals in the nation including Lodestar, Strawberry Fair, The Cambridge Folk Festival and the well renowned Secret Garden Party.

With all this music buzzing in the air Let’s Go Punting decided to jump on the performance train and sprinkle the river musical delight. Barney and Adam, local musicians joined Let’s Go Punting for a summer evening jolly playing well known favourites in turn lighting the tourists faces with delight.

A few weeks later Let’s Go Punting invited Cambridge Music Awards winner Tom Lumley, and newcomer Josh Dyer to accompany one of our corporate punts for a insight to new folk, old folk and upbeat blues. Never a dull moment with these guys. Although the whole group hardly spoke any english they still sung, clapped and danced along to what they were hearing as traditional english music with a modern twist. These two will definitely be coming back next year.

Even as the summer turns chilly, this is not the end of Music On The Cam, so get yourselves on the river next year to see some little musical gems on the Lets Go Punting decks. You never know they might even do requests.Let’s Go Creeping into Autumn!

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