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King's College Chapel


Kings College chapel is the largest stone-vaulted chapel in the world. The building work commenced in 1446 and they thought it would take them 11 years to finish. But as many people know there’s often a slight discrepancy between how long a builder says something will take, and how long it actually takes. In reality it took closer to 100 years to finish.

Large Windows

The 12 large windows on each side of the chapel are are some of the finest in the world from their era. They  are very valuable and during the 2nd world war they were all taken out to protect against the German aerial invasion. This however turned out to be a bit of a waste of time. Cambridge wasn’t heavily bombed in the war and they also neglected to write down which window goes where in the chapel. Afterwards it took the best minds of the city 6 months to get them all back in their correct places.