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The Bridge of Sighs


Located at St Johns College, the Bridge of Sighs crosses the river between the college’s Third Court and New Court. It was built in 1831 by Architect Henry Hutchinson and was named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, even though they don’t have architecturally much in common.  The bridge was Queen Victoria’s favourite spot in the historical city of Cambridge and by now it has become one of Cambridge’s main tourist attractions.

The myth of the Bridge of Sighs  

According to a common myth, the students named the bridge ‘Bridge of Sighs’ which referred to the ‘sighs’ of the pre-exam students. The bridge in Cambridge leads from the accommodation to where students get their results. The bridge in Venice lead from the palace to the court houses. People crossing it were going to be judged and probably executed. They would sigh one last time as they crossed…