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Trinity Hall


Trinity Hall is separate from Trinity College and it’s the original Trinity in Cambridge. The Jerwood library facade here on the riverside is very new but the college much, much older. It goes back to 1350, making it the fifth oldest surviving College of the University of Cambridge. At that time the Black Death was sweeping across England and killing off most of the lawyers.

Now, it wasn’t a lawyer-targeting plague, it was killing off a lot of others too, but the Bishop of Norwich, William Bateman was especially worried about the lack of lawyers. He started the college here to replenish the ranks and it has a strong tradition in law to this day. Though you can do all subjects there and it was also where Prof Stephen Hawkins did his Masters degree.

The current site of the College originated from the purchase of a house from John de Crauden, Prior of Ely, for the use of his monks during their period of study in Cambridge in the early 14th century. The College has remained on this site for almost 700 years. The buildings of Front Court, including the Chapel, the Hall and the Master’s Lodge, date from the late 14th century.


Geoffrey Howe – Former Prime Minister

Hans Blix – Head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission

Andrew Marr – Political journalist and broadcaster

Rachel Weisz – Academy Award-winning actress

Henry James is quoted as saying that – “If I were called upon to mention the prettiest corner of the world, I should draw a thoughtful sigh and point the way to the gardens of Trinity Hall.”