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LGP Gig with Paul McCaffrey

Enjoy a night with our talented Paul!

A perfect summer evening

Do you like live music, history and nature? If you do, then don’t miss the LGP Gig with Paul McCaffrey on Friday 17th August. Our punts will depart from La Mimosa Punting Station at 7.30pm and glide along  River Cam until Silver Street and arrive back to Quayside by 9pm. Our Musician Punt Chauffeur, Paul will play some fantastic Blues along with old classics like Sweet Home Alabama, the greatest hits of The Beatles spiced up with brilliant tunes from Ed Sheeran and some of his own songs.

Get your friends, grab a bottle of wine and join us for the Greatest Punt Tour of the Summer!




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Tickets cost £20 per person

Check some videos about what to expect here: