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Our Most Liked Instagram Posts from 2018

As we reached 700 Instagram followers today, we collected some of our most popular – and your favorite – Instagram posts.


1. A Post from the Beginning of Summer 2018 – Lovely days!

Spread the 🌞shine all over the place, and put on a happy face!😊


2. A photo of the Kitchen Bridge at St John’s, one of our favourite Colleges

Where in Cambridge? 🤔🙊


3. The start of our Youtube Channel – Sweet!

Part of The Team! Follow us on YouTube and check our latest vlogs out about us and The Royal Wedding😉🎉🎊👑🎩👰🏻


4. The Arsene Wenger Story – it will never get boring!

Formal Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on our boat today!🏆⚽️


5. This photo was taken at Castle Hill Open Day and it was soooo hot!

The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself. Never stop exploring. 🗺👀🌏


6. A Magical Late Summer evening on the Cam

Just like a painting🎨🖼


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