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Surprise! Luxury Travel Award Nomination

Well, “Hold the front page!!”….it’s an amazing privilege for the Let’s Go Punting team to have been shortlisted for the Luxury Travel awards 2017!!

Who would have thought in such a short time period  that our organisation could make it from Zero to Hero. Our mission over the last four years has been to elevate the customers experience of Punting in Cambridge. It seems like we are beginning to have some real success, employing a great team young guys who are a credit to themselves, their parents and the entire planet!….who enhance our visitor’s experience of Cambridge everyday!

Background – some of you may not be aware that our industry has been marred in a quagmire of political and legal wrangling for a decade or more now, it has translated into a malaise amongst owner operators and larger Punting Companies and a general sense of helplessness and disappointment at the lack of effective control exercised by the local authority to regulate the industry… has been a rough ride for everyone involved! So it’s great to be able to buck that trend and deliver a quality service at a reasonable price for our customers.
It comes as a big surprise to have been nominated for this award but it certainly does feel like all of the hard work is beginning to pay-off….we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our current & previous employees who have made a ongoing contribution the effort…long may it continue!….and remember, if your feeling a bit glum and in need some inspiration there’s only one thing to say….”Let’s Go Punting people!!” ….(apologies, couldn’t resist…!)
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